Ubiquinol Depleting Statins

Ubiquinol Depleting Statins

Statin drugs work by inhibiting your body’s production of cholesterol but they also deplete your natural Ubiquinol and other essential nutrients and vitamins.

CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is one of the most popular heart health supplements used by those taking statin medications to lower their cholesterol. Studies have shown Ubiquinol is the best way to restore healthy levels of CoQ10.

The most common side effect of statins is myalgia (muscle pain). Studies have shown that statin induced deficiency of CoQ10 may be related to statin myopathy [2-4].

Research shows supplementing with Ubiquinol may also help to reduce mild-to-moderate statin-related muscular pain[5].

In one study of Ubiquinol supplementation over a six-month period, there was a statistically significant reduction in muscle pain and sensitivity by 53.8 percent. CoQ10 levels can also improve, and in a particular study increased by more than 194 percent. [6]


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